Kisan Newton 30

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New Era of 2+1P Premium Banknote Sorter

The Kisan Newton 30 is a high-speed, accurate currency counter and discriminator that can count up to 1300 notes per minute. It can count notes of multiple currencies, including Indian rupees, US dollars, and euros. The Kisan Newton 30 also has a built-in counterfeit detector that can identify fake or counterfeit banknotes.

Here are some of the key features of the Kisan Newton 30:

  • High-speed counting: Can count up to 1300 notes per minute
  • Multi-currency counting: Can count notes of multiple currencies
  • Counterfeit detection: Built-in counterfeit detector to identify fake or counterfeit banknotes
  • Dual-side serial number recognition: Can read and recognize serial numbers on both sides of banknotes
  • Fitness sorting: Can sort banknotes based on their fitness level
  • Jam-free mechanism: Prevents jams and miscounts
  • Large LCD display: Shows the count, currency, fitness level, and other information
  • Easy to use: Simple controls and user-friendly interface

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